Tuesday, March 10, 2009

more boy stories

Time for some more dating stories! So, I have accidentally stumbled upon a lovely trick with guys. . . I have started to be completely honest, and not hide the fact that i am dating other men... and for some odd reason it just makes them want to date me more! go figure? I had a guy the other day ask if he could take me out on this particular Saturday, and i said i would love to but i already had plans(aka a date) that night... he was on to me and asked who my date was with, and i told him, and added(jokingly) that it didn't start til' 7 so i had time for an earlier date too... HE TOTALLY TOOK ME UP ON IT! He knowingly took me out when I had another date right after him... i didn't even have to sneak around. He even wished me good luck on my next date when he dropped me off lol. Boys are sooooo weird.. i fear i will never figure them out.

Update on a pass boy... rememeber the guy that could spend all day on my neck?(refer to previous blog if you have forgotten that jewel of a story) well, he kissed me in my sleep the other night lol... the boy really wants me to like him and so he asked me out on a date and i agreed.. towards the end of the date we started watching a movie and he cuddled right up to me and started rubbing my back and such(trying to get some sort of a reaction out of me) unfortunately for him, his "turning ons" put me striaght to sleep-literally. Yes, i feel alseep while he was trying to seduce me! While i was in a state somewhere between this planet and the next, he decided to kiss me(on the lips) and it woke me up just enough that i was aware that our lips were touching, but not enough to actually do anything about it. The poor boy had lip contact with me, but i didn't even move at all... He is perfectly unaware that i know what happened that night, and he has never said anything about it. Poor kid, i even reject him in my sleep...

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