Tuesday, March 10, 2009

more boy stories

Time for some more dating stories! So, I have accidentally stumbled upon a lovely trick with guys. . . I have started to be completely honest, and not hide the fact that i am dating other men... and for some odd reason it just makes them want to date me more! go figure? I had a guy the other day ask if he could take me out on this particular Saturday, and i said i would love to but i already had plans(aka a date) that night... he was on to me and asked who my date was with, and i told him, and added(jokingly) that it didn't start til' 7 so i had time for an earlier date too... HE TOTALLY TOOK ME UP ON IT! He knowingly took me out when I had another date right after him... i didn't even have to sneak around. He even wished me good luck on my next date when he dropped me off lol. Boys are sooooo weird.. i fear i will never figure them out.

Update on a pass boy... rememeber the guy that could spend all day on my neck?(refer to previous blog if you have forgotten that jewel of a story) well, he kissed me in my sleep the other night lol... the boy really wants me to like him and so he asked me out on a date and i agreed.. towards the end of the date we started watching a movie and he cuddled right up to me and started rubbing my back and such(trying to get some sort of a reaction out of me) unfortunately for him, his "turning ons" put me striaght to sleep-literally. Yes, i feel alseep while he was trying to seduce me! While i was in a state somewhere between this planet and the next, he decided to kiss me(on the lips) and it woke me up just enough that i was aware that our lips were touching, but not enough to actually do anything about it. The poor boy had lip contact with me, but i didn't even move at all... He is perfectly unaware that i know what happened that night, and he has never said anything about it. Poor kid, i even reject him in my sleep...

Yet again.....

MORE PHOTOS... yes it is true, I did a couple more shots, and i have some more on the horizon... There are a couple crazzzy abstract ones, just a warning!

Here is some photography done by Brenton Nielson... he is needed the practice as I did, so we made a pretty good team.. we are gonna give it another try soon, so expect to see more!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

photoshoot with Gav + a few other randoms

Well... britt and i needed some more photography practice, so I got my FRIEND gavin to help us out a little:) NO, Gavin and i aren't together, but we do look good together! ha

Friday, February 20, 2009

wow, good ol' Valentines. . . it provided some prime entertainment this year! The week of this sometimes dreaded holiday was one filled with the most outrageous pick up line and the most INCREDIBLY awkward moments! Do boys really think those work? Maybe some do, but most days i feel like i am a magnet for the cheesiest lines of all time! (i can only write these on my blog because some of these boys would see them on my facebook, and i dont think they realize EVEN NOW how silly they sounded)

Example numbero uno:
I have a boy that is infactuated with me.. which would be all fine and dandy, except i have none of those same feelings for him :) I do not lead this boy on in any sort of way, infact i have flat out told this boy that i will not kiss him, probably not ever. So the other day i was over at his place, and we were talking about how we were such great friends when all of a sudden he starts kissing my neck... ok pause- kissing on the neck isn't that wierd when one likes someone, and you are involved, but who kisses there when they haven't even touched the lips?- So i have no idea what to say to this kid at this moment in time( at this moment i literally have my head turned in the opposite direction and i have this look of utmost surprise and discust across my face, but he can't see it), so i say the first thing that comes out of my mouth "i have a really long neck" hahaha ok i will be FIRST to admit that that may not have been the smartest thing to say, but i didn't say it in a seductive way or anything, just in a matter-of-fact sort of way... and his response was very serious and in an I-am-trying-to-seduce-you tone, "i know. . . i could spend DAYS here" WHO SAYS THAT? I couldn't help myself, i laughed, outloud! which he took as -oh she is into this- and so he started getting close to my ear and breathing really heavy-ok pause again, did i mention that I am not into this kid AT ALL? even if i was, him breathing really heavy in my ear would NEVER turn me on, that is just rediculous- on top of the fact that he is breathing in my ear, his breathing has a whistle to it. i lost it, i just bursted out in laughter! He once again thought i was all into it, and i had to pull away, and he asked me what i was laughing at, and i seriously replied "YOU! what happened to just being friends, friends don't breath heavy in other friends ears, that is just wierd."

Example number two:
I was going to be set up with a friend of a friend on a blind date, so we added eachother on facebook and what not, and we were chatting it up getting along real well. After talking for a while he appologizes for being boring becuase he is doing homework or something. . . my reply to that is just 'oh you are fine" he replies "no, you're fine" . . . it took me like FIVE minutes to figure out what the heck he was talking about hahaha so i didn't actually reply. . . but then he says "you are hott" Do boys really think that this stuff works? it puts me in an awkward position because what do i say to that?

Example number three:
Everyone knows that i have a super long tongue... i am a freak of nature, i know. I dont really think of it in a kissing way, and i forget that boys do, but i was quickly reminded the other day when i was with the boy from example number one. He was whining that i wouldn't kiss him, and i asked him why he would want to(mostly because i wanted to prove that it wasn't because he liked me) and he replied "well my room mate says that your tongue something to experience, and something every man should experience, and i want to be a man" i literally laughed in his face. . . once again WHO SAYS THAT? i promise this kid really isn't a totally freak i think that valentine's just got to his head a little or something because where does he think of these terrible lines? and he says them in a very serious tone almost like he thinks they are seductive. HA

All in all i had a fabulous Valentine's day being perfectly single. I had all the entertainment of men that i needed for a while, but something tells me i will get plenty more of the superb pick up lines not to far of in my future :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

WE ARE AT IT AGAIN! SISTA DANCE FEST! WHOOP WHOOP! It has turned into a tradition. . . everytime i come home to visit, we make a dance video. This time to shake things up we played dress ups. As most of you know, my sisters and i have taken dance since we were tiny tots... meaning-we have collected a LOT of dance costumes ranging in size and color. Here we sample a few for you. . . .
This first one is my tap dance costume from when i was like five... it was a christmas recital, so naturally my costume is red, and no costume is ever complete without matching sequins! I have NO idea how i managed to get the thing on, but really the trick wasn't getting it on, it was getting it off!

Darcy is such the little diva.... here she is in.. who KNOWS what.. its not even a dance costume! pretty sure i would kill for her legs.
Okay, this is a guest appearance by the beautiful Brittany. She is a future room mate of mine at college, and she is a georgia PEACH! gotta love this girl.. she is sporting on of my old jazz costumes. . . i am still in the red costume from when i was five, and darcy's really tiny tutu. i really feel the mismatch stockings are what give this shot its extra something. :)Look what i found! my old Jasmine costume.. i believe it was actually an old ballet costume, but i wore it for halloween a couple of times.. i could't believe it sorta still fits me... wow, i really need a tan, and a gym pass! hahahaha especially when standing next to tinsey little darc-a-bug
britt and i agian.. sporting the purple and blue look. . .
Love her. .
diva much?

And finally the end results + some more awesome costumes!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter here in good ol' Provo is something to experience, that is for sure! I grew up in Kaysville, so I thought i knew what snow was, but they get twice as much down here. I was forced to buy some more snow boots(or atleast thats what i use to justify the purchase) because of all the snow. During the christmas break, my car actually disappeared beneath a good three feet of fresh snow. I love bundling up for the cold, in scarfs gloves and coats.. Provo has been coated in white frosting, and it is truly beautiful.Em and I were having a ball in the snow fall. . . we found random pathways that BYU decided to carve, and we were trying hard not to slip and fall on the sheets of ice that cover campus.
Room mates!!! brooke Emily and i

Ok... i told everyone to make a snow face, and meanwhile emily decided to make my face a snow face... way to be em.anna and i
Video 1.Grocery shoppin at like 3 in the morning... the ground is slush, and i just can't let that kind of excitement pass me by!
Video 2. Fresh snow, so anna and i would run and jump into it. It is deep enough that it doesn't hurt. The bushes are super fun to jump into! They push you right back up!

i'll be whoever you need me to be...

I have learned a valuable lesson over time, especially working in health care. I have learned that it doesn't really matter who i am, as much as what i am doing. It is the entire concept of service, just looked at from another angle. I have worked with some very sick patients, and even been with them when they have passed from this life to the next, each one needed me to be something else: a daughter, a son, a husband, a friend, a comforter. I get the most joy when helping those people that need me. . . it isn't always a patient, sometimes it is a friend, or a stranger. Tonight, I am needed as a daughter, my hand is needed to comfort and sooth. . . I don't mind helping at all, actually quite the opposite because if it was my loved one, I would want someone to do it for them too. EVERY SINGLE PERSON is someone's loved one. . . I am constantly reminded of that. I also know that if it was me, I would pray that someone would be there to be what i needed. Next time someone asks you to be what they truly need, put yourself aside, and be there for them. . . be whoever they need you to be. Some may call it service, but i call it love.