Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter here in good ol' Provo is something to experience, that is for sure! I grew up in Kaysville, so I thought i knew what snow was, but they get twice as much down here. I was forced to buy some more snow boots(or atleast thats what i use to justify the purchase) because of all the snow. During the christmas break, my car actually disappeared beneath a good three feet of fresh snow. I love bundling up for the cold, in scarfs gloves and coats.. Provo has been coated in white frosting, and it is truly beautiful.Em and I were having a ball in the snow fall. . . we found random pathways that BYU decided to carve, and we were trying hard not to slip and fall on the sheets of ice that cover campus.
Room mates!!! brooke Emily and i

Ok... i told everyone to make a snow face, and meanwhile emily decided to make my face a snow face... way to be em.anna and i
Video 1.Grocery shoppin at like 3 in the morning... the ground is slush, and i just can't let that kind of excitement pass me by!
Video 2. Fresh snow, so anna and i would run and jump into it. It is deep enough that it doesn't hurt. The bushes are super fun to jump into! They push you right back up!

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  1. AW!! Jas! the pic in Linsey's red coat at the top...in the snow, Is ADORABLE! I want to do a shoot like that!!