Sunday, February 8, 2009

good times at work. . .

I work in the Neuro Trauma Rehab at UVMC. I love my job! Reason one why i love my job- the crazy patients. Reason two - my coworkers. Reason three - the love and life lessons i see and experience through my work.

I don't have pictures of reasons one and three, but oh do i ever have pictures of reason two!

Co worker number one. . . . the beautiful Kaitlin Hale... this night she was strutting the infamous in-N-out hat...
This would be Julie(and christine).. some would argue this is her better side.. hahahaha i like both sides :)
This is Shay and her famous "duck" face... i think she looks like a fish off of finding nemo.. can't place which one... One night we discovered that NO ONE else can make this face quite like shay can.. she is a special one!
This- is KATE- aka the BOMB(as rodney would say). She is the prettiest girl i know who can make the ugliest faces for pictures.. it is a true gift
One night we decided to tape our noses up.. Chelsey's taped her eyebrows too, and she looks like plastic surgery gone wrong! hahahaha

This is Kate and I.. Fenise(another coworker) can NEVER keep us straight.. i think that still to this day Fenise has never actually called me by my name. I actually answer to KATE now.

shay works the hospital corner on her breaks...

The Three retards.. ahhhhh

WE eat ALOT at work. . . some days we order in.. others we are on pickle diets. The fries at the hospital are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all have nick names at work... one day i came in to say goodbye to someone and i had been out with some friends... all my coworkers have never seen me outside of scrubs and i came in hooker heels and spandex.. i quickly got the nick names "street-walker barbie" , and "hooker barbie" I couldn't handle the teasing, so i put XXXL scrub bottoms on over the top!
We had a voiding competition one night... shay CREAMED us all.... i dont remember the total, but i believe it was like 2 and a half liters.. hahaha this is darcy doing a bladder scan on Shay

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