Sunday, February 8, 2009

ups and downs of dating...

So i went and saw he is just not that into you today in the theaters, and first off it is a fabulous film. The film was incredibly relate-able. I am attending BYU as many of you may know, and the culture shock of the entire "dating" scene has really hit me hard. I have gone out with a few boys, and been completely surprised and thrown off by the actions of some of the boys(return missionaries of course). This movie was exactly what i needed! It makes fun of some of the insanely stupid things us girls do for boys! One of my favorite lines was from one of the girls talking about a boy she went out with is "well he told me he goes out to the [specific] bar after work, maybe i should do a drive by?" WHY WOULD A DRIVE BY HELP HER SITUATION?! hahaha and yet, we have all thought about doing it at some point. After that priceless line, another girl tells a story about something along those lines and ends it with. . . "i am not a stalker" hahaha yes, yes you are, we all are. Men just drive us to that extreme end.... wits end.

So here i am finding myself at BYU dating men, thinking i had them pretty much figured out by now. . . .after seeing this show, i am back at square one - I got nothin'! I know the show spoke 100 % truth. . . that i cannot deny, but now i have to rethink entirely my dating processes. awhhh theater... bringing me to the real world once again!

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  1. haha, those darn boys...but I'm so excited to see the movie! I'm glad you liked it