Sunday, February 15, 2009

WE ARE AT IT AGAIN! SISTA DANCE FEST! WHOOP WHOOP! It has turned into a tradition. . . everytime i come home to visit, we make a dance video. This time to shake things up we played dress ups. As most of you know, my sisters and i have taken dance since we were tiny tots... meaning-we have collected a LOT of dance costumes ranging in size and color. Here we sample a few for you. . . .
This first one is my tap dance costume from when i was like five... it was a christmas recital, so naturally my costume is red, and no costume is ever complete without matching sequins! I have NO idea how i managed to get the thing on, but really the trick wasn't getting it on, it was getting it off!

Darcy is such the little diva.... here she is in.. who KNOWS what.. its not even a dance costume! pretty sure i would kill for her legs.
Okay, this is a guest appearance by the beautiful Brittany. She is a future room mate of mine at college, and she is a georgia PEACH! gotta love this girl.. she is sporting on of my old jazz costumes. . . i am still in the red costume from when i was five, and darcy's really tiny tutu. i really feel the mismatch stockings are what give this shot its extra something. :)Look what i found! my old Jasmine costume.. i believe it was actually an old ballet costume, but i wore it for halloween a couple of times.. i could't believe it sorta still fits me... wow, i really need a tan, and a gym pass! hahahaha especially when standing next to tinsey little darc-a-bug
britt and i agian.. sporting the purple and blue look. . .
Love her. .
diva much?

And finally the end results + some more awesome costumes!

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