Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bucket List

Be swept off my feet by a man
swim with sharks
scuba dive
sky dive
travel to Asia
have children(at least one vaginally)
learn to love
go to the temple
buy lingerie with husband
have a recipe that people call mine and that i am known for.. ex. "ooh will aunt Jasmine's _____ be at the party?"
own a dog
learn the meaning of true humility
go on date with famous person
model for a company
touch one persons life
see my children become a parent
visit Egypt and the pyramids
Go on a date in a foreign country
raise one eyebrow
learn another language
go skinny dipping
live alone
sleep in late with my husband and kids in my bed with me
watch cartoons with my kids
know the true meaning of happiness
work in health care
save a life
laugh til i pee my pants
cry with my husband
bake with my husband
read scriptures with my husband
pray with my husband
be a senile grandma
go streaking
rollerblading at age 70

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