Saturday, February 7, 2009

well.. i have some serious catching up to do... i am just gonna do some brief info of the last month and a half since i slacked off! first on the list is the fabulous St. George trip with one of my best friends, Brittany.
Our First adventure was at the gas station just pass Lehi. Apparently Britt has never washed a car window before, because i had to teach her how to properly do so :) We were getting a little silly with the window-washing wands(not sure the exactly technical name for those) but we had a great time.While stopped we grabbed a snack- salt and vinegar chips. I came across a discovery. . . if one licks the chip a little and then smells it through their nose, it will NEARLY knock you out! It is a crazy sensation! Not sure if it is consider hazardous or not. . . . but at any rate brit took a picture of the pototoe chip-sniffWe surprised Britt's family by arriving at their new house in St. George, and we settles right in. They have an odd crack between the bed and the wall, so naturally i fell into it and got STUCK! Brittany is a great friend, so naturally instead of helping out the tight spot, she grabbed the camera. . . great idea! :)

Then we roasted marshmallows in this tiny little stove thing, but it was really quite fun, and it got the job done! Of course they made fun of the way i cook one layer at a time and peel it of the marshmallow. . . hahaa i guess it is a bit odd. Normally i like it a golden brown, but mine kept cathing on fire!

Attention ALL shoppers! incase you haven't heard, they have a new monopoly out. . . it is electronic banking, with credit cards and everything! IT. IS. THE. BOMB. AND... i kicked trash at it! Wahahahahahahhaa! i beat the whole family!
So then we hit Vegas of course! we had an absolute ball there, including eating at the cheescake factory, shopping, checking out the wierdos, and being the wierdos. We stopped in Swartz toys(is that what is called, i forget) and we found giant lolipops and the giant floor piano(check out video at bottom) I made a giant purchase for my mother, and it was too heavy for me to carry so they put this lovely sign on it(below) and when i took the bag with me later, and out onto the strip people kept giving me funny looks.. hahaha finally we figured out why.
All in all it was a fabulous trip and a great gettaway. We had almost as much in the car then on the whole trip i think! I can see a few more St. Geezy trips in the near future :)

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